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As an industry pioneer in a 20 year career that spans develop greenfield opportunities in finance, working a regulator pioneering technology innovation, building products in manufacturing (electronics to fashion), building and work with e-commerce companies, working with supply chains, and technology companies. I have designed marketplaces and dived deep into utilisation of machine learning and artificial intelligence for crime and fraud detection, designed business models in various industries including but not limited to fashion and supply chain. 


My consulting business helps businesses re-invent themselves creating exciting new opportunities, now I want to share these skills with individuals and companies so that they can achieve their vision and goals with a clear roadmap to success. 


In an age where social media makes people compare and people feel disheartened with their jobs and often feel that they lack purpose. There is a trend that people want to quit and leave their jobs. However having experienced this several times, ask yourself this. Are you ready?


I want to ensure that those that do make this leap have the greatest chance of success. All this is underpinned with a mixture of wisdom gained from make these moves myself, and technical learnings from NLP, EMDR therapy, and hypnotism which I combine into all my working practices to support the people, partners and customers that work with me.


Do you want to be able to make a smooth transition? Would you find it beneficial to increase the odds of a successful transfer into an opportunity of your dreams? Would you find it useful to broaden your awareness of what skills you need to develop to succeed? 


If the answer is yes, then read on….


I was always the one that did not fit the norm, I was never accepting of the status quo, and the one that enjoyed disrupting and driving change in industries and organisations. As a child I always questioned why and always believed there was a better way. Through my journey that lead me around the world from London to Hong Kong in a career that spanned Europe to US to Asia I found a passion for never accepting the status quo and finding innovative ways to challenge and propel business forward.


Right now, I specialise in helping develop the new economy. I help businesses develop new business levering tools from the digital age, I work across industries from finance, regulations, manufacturing, supply chain, e-commerce and even into fashion and contemporary art. I am on a journey to take visions and turn them into reality.


What once was deemed by one of my bosses, “being a jack of all trades, and king of none”, turned out to be a limiting belief set that I broke free of and this enabled me to transition from industry to another and from one culture of business practice to another in an almost seamless and effortless manner.


Having travelled this path for 7 years, some of it painful, some of it slower that I wanted, now I see an opportunity to share this knowledge and help others on their journey to find their true purpose and develop a realistic and achievable plan that help them achieve a life of purpose, create the business of their visions, and/or get into the career of their choice.


In these 7 years, I have fundraised from a PowerPoint a $30m seed round, presold visions that turned into solutions for senior executives. Crafted from the back of a napkin digital businesses and developed how these ideas can be monetised into real businesses.


If you are seeking your higher purpose, if you are seeking to create more freedom in your life or seeking to shift to another industry. Or are you looking to shift your business into a higher gear, or crack the code to solve an innovative problem in an industry. If any of the above is a yes you will gaim great value from this transformative coaching service.


I do not provide training programs; I don’t just give you a set of tasks to do for the sake of it. What I do is help you identify where you want to go, provide advice and guidance on how to acquire and develop skills your need to succeed. I also provide coaching to deal with any emotional trauma and challenges you need to overcome to reduce stress and keep you focussed. I provide you with tools to breakthrough your belief system using tools such as hypnotherapy to shift your state to a belief system that will achieve your core purpose. I provide your with tools to release stress in your life and help keep you focussed on you long term goals.


If you are interested in working with me on a one to one basis, please enquire here and I will get back to you on a free one hour consultation.


I am excited you have gotten this far and will see you on the inside.


Kelvin Ung

A purpose driven businessman


Here to unlock your potential and kickstart you or your business on you on your journey of success.


To find out more contact me here: [email protected]



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