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I am not your ordinary executive or personal coach. I create a holistic, joyous and rewarding lifestyles for my clients that brings them the highest quality life and helps them thrive no matter what is happening in their life.

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If your want to live a life in total alignment, and feel on top of the world which being mentally and physically fit?

We live in a complex world, we suffer trauma, pain and challenges every day. If you want to know the difference between those that power through life and thrive in hard times as opposed to those that are brought down by the challenges of life. 

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I work with you to feel your emotions and breakthrough any mental blocks and release any painful experiences that may be holding your back. 

I utilise a mixture of techniques of learned from EMDR (the gold standard in post traumatic stress disorder) and hypnotherapy.

In parallel with tackling your mental state I then move on to physical and nutritional health.


So what’s different about this programme vs going to PT, boot camp or the gym?

I have spent over a decade adapting and adopting various training techniques to suit my lifestyle.

Predominantly, I teach bodyweight training techniques combined with a healthy eating plan that even the busiest person can adapt and adopt. 

My programmes are developed so that they can be conducted in short high impactful bursts that suit your body targeting objective.

Transform your body in 3 months. (Only for those that can commit to 3-4 x 30-60 minute training sessions per week). I will adapt and adjust the programme to optimise your results.


ZOOM Package 10 Sessions x 30 minute – HKD 10,000

1:1 (Limited space) 20 Sessions x 30 minute HKD 22,000 (in person training)

Common questions:

Why are your sessions 30 minutes?

Kelvin: Because this in the amount of time needs the review and take instruction to help you achieve your mind/body fitness goals. You do not need to workout excessively to begin to achieve your fitness and health objectives. When busy, I just workout for 13 minutes 2-3 times a week. That’s it… keep things simple.

Can be combine with career and business coaching to provide with a total solution that balances you life, work, and health.

Build the ultimate mind and body

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